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Stand Out Whenever You Speak.



What you should expect from the course



Don’t Try to Be Perfect… Be Remarkable

They remember you & what you said

Perfect is impossible… Remarkable is easy

The Bell Curve 



The Communication Ladder



Start with the end… your conclusion

Answer the important questions up front

What evidence is necessary to include?

Learn how to craft a memorable close 



Become an expert at the PAUSE Delivery technique

Learn the importance of commanding eye contact

Find your rhythm – don’t overdo or underdo



Never forget / don’t ramble

The process of developing Masterful notes

A drill to practice commanding eye contact



Participating in key conversations

Leading virtual team meetings

Working any room



Putting it all together


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One-hour of virtual coaching time with me (a $500CDN value).

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* Presentations you, as an executive, want to be ready to deliver on the spot.


  1. How long will it take me to become a really good speaker?
  • It certainly won’t take you very long to learn the fundamentals of becoming a great speaker because they are intuitive and easy to understand. However, how quickly you become a great speaker will come because of the effort you make to practice these game-changing skills.


  1. How am I supposed to impact anyone when I’m simply “sharing numbers” with them?
  • This is a common concern. Many of my clients participate in regular ‘update’ meetings and feel that because the information they present is old hat to their audience it’s necessary but boring.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  No subject is boring if your presentation is structured for impact.  Practice the components contained in my Presentation Pyramid and you will captivate your audience each and every time.


  1. Do I have to memorize my presentation to be a good presenter?
  • It seems we were all told at a very young age, by well-intended teachers, that we should never hold notes when we present because it’s a sign of weakness. Instead, we should commit our presentation to memory.  The problem is, when we need our memory the most it dives for cover and we ramble, even worse, we forget to make important points.  The key is to use Masterful notes.  Design and delivery is fully covered in my program.


  1. I’m told that I speak too fast. How do I correct that?
  • Quite easily. Your Rate of Words is never the problem.  You need to focus on your Rate of Ideas.  My program shows you quite clearly how to speak with a compelling delivery style. Best of all, it shows you how to remain authentic, no matter what the event or who the audience.


  1. How do I keep my audience from being bored?
  • It’s easy when you know how to structure your presentation for impact and deliver it with compelling style. My program makes it easy for you.


  1. What should I do with my hands? Should I walk around when I speak?
  • It’s interesting how many people are concerned with gestures. That said, how many people run out of a meeting talking about what the presenter did with their hands or how many kilometres they covered?  Not many.  Take my program, become comfortable with the fundamentals and you’ll see that these wo questions take care of themselves.


  1. How do I stop using “uhm’s” when I speak?
  • The good news is, you don’t have to eliminate audible pauses like “uhm,” “er,” “you know,“ ”so…”, you just need to minimize them so they don’t become a distraction. In my program, you’ll learn the PAUSE Delivery technique, guaranteed to solve this problem.


  1. The people I speak to know more about the subject I speak on than I do. How do I engage them?
  • It’s safe to assume that in any meeting where you have a presentation to deliver that someone in the audience will know more about the subject than you do. Embrace it.  When you take my program your presentation structure and delivery is sure to captivate the smartest, perhaps most senior person in the room.


9. How do I know your course is any good?

  • I spent many years as an executive for a major automobile manufacturer, holding senior positions in Public Relations, Marketing and Communications. Speaking with impact was critical to my success.  Since I left automotive, I’ve spent the past 10 years teaching over 3,000 executives across all levels and multiple sectors how to stand out whenever they speak.  It’s my passion and the results show it.     


What People Are Saying About Barry Kuntz


Everyone who wants to communicate better needs to contact Barry. His exceptional talent allows him to see the root of the problem and he works along with you to fix that. I treasure all I learnt from Barry as I witnessed an amazing transformation of what has happened to me.

Oleg S – Banking Executive


If you want to present with Impact and Influence book a session with Barry. I now have tips and strategies to Present with Impact!

Lisa F – Entrepreneur


Barry delivered the most valuable 1:1 coaching, ever! I walked away with immediately applicable tangible results and a sense of empowerment. A rare experience, indeed.

Corrine L – Speaker / Author / CEO


I had the good fortune to attend Barry’s course at McMaster’s DeGroote School of Business. Barry’s executive experience and effective teaching style made this one of the best learning experiences I've had on the subject matter. Thank you, Barry.

Jim D – VP Property Management


Barry transformed my presentation but more importantly, Barry transformed me. He took my material, which I had been delivering in what I thought was an effective way and brought it to another level. He has a unique vision and an ability to see what is possible - even when I couldn't. He is patient, encouraging, and really knew how to help me to connect with my audience. The feedback I received was beyond my expectations. My audience said they were pumped, motivated, empowered - and wanted more! The ultimate compliment I could pay Barry is that my audience wants me back and couldn't get enough. Barry was instrumental in making that happen. 

Deborah N – Executive Coach


Barry is truly an exceptional individual. Some of the many words I could use to describe Barry include inspirational, passionate, charismatic, generous, and brilliant. He coached me several times both on the content and style of presentation delivery - this was a game changer. Some of the feedback I received was, “that was outstanding”, “you’re a really great speaker”, “that was the perfect message for our audience”, “wow”. Barry is my secret weapon in delivering exceptional keynotes, pitches, and presentations. His passion for what he does is contagious. Barry’s strength is simple. He helps individuals create and deliver outstanding presentations that are impactful and memorable.

Emily R – Entrepreneur


Barry is one individual that stands out above the rest in his field. Barry has several years experience in a variety of key executive roles that enables him to communicate effectively to all levels of professionals. In working with Barry his calm and endearing demeanor is what makes working with him such a pleasure. As a communicator/speaker there are few that reach Barry's level of competency. I have no reservations recommending Barry.

Ted L – Senior Automotive Executive